Bunny’s Studio

At Bunny’s 19th-century manor house in Falls Village, Connecticut, a gravel path winds through the woodland garden from the main house to Bunny’s own creative studio—the place she escapes to work, write, paint, and dream.

The now sage-green structure, with a new, wood-shingle roof, clapboard siding and granite entry steps, blends in beautifully with the garden surroundings but it wasn’t always this way. When she first saw the original 1980s A-frame, it could only be described as homely, but Bunny was smitten with the expansive views over her property and the hills beyond. She took the house through a major renovation, transforming it from it into a magical design laboratory perfectly suited to all of Bunny’s creative endeavors.

A staircase just off of the stone-floored entry opens into a vast room with an impressive glass wall that allows the magnificent view to take center stage. Polished-concrete floors, metal-framed windows and stainless steel ceiling cables are offset by plaster walls with a natural hand-troweled finish. The space has a clean, industrial sensibility—an intentional contrast to Bunny’s main house.

At the opposite end of the room, a seating area with a mix of contemporary and antique pieces is arranged around a raised stone hearth with room to store wood below.

An 11-foot long library table, which serves as a desk, art table, and work space for whatever the project is for the day, divides the room. A small corner is reserved for her computer and an old drafting table is used for drawing and sketching floor plans. The north wall is lined with bookcases that house Bunny’s extensive library of design, architecture and gardening tomes, as well as many personal treasures and accessories.