Delaware Residence

This 1920s Georgian stone house was designed as an elegant but functional family home, replete with meaningful antiques and vintage pieces the homeowners discovered together on trips to Paris. Although many spaces needed updating, the perfectly proportioned rooms, many with large doors and windows, were an ideal starting place.

The expansive living room, with back-to-back sofas in the center anchoring two separate seating areas, is the heart of the home and a favorite gathering place for the family. A dedicated game table and separate, wide desk, offer multiple places to play or study, and a double wide chaise in one corner is perfect spot for reading. Unlike so many contemporary families that rarely enjoy their living rooms, this family often plays games and even horses around (!) in the space, proving style and children really do mix.

In each room—from the cheery, art-filled entry hall to the formal dining room that features numerous sculptural, rare antiques—we mixed styles and eras to reflect a modern sensibility while also honoring the pedigree of the home.

In the library, an ebonized, polished finish on the bookcases reflects light, brightening the space during the day and creating a comfortable cocoon in the evenings.

Architect: Archer & Buchanan Architecture