Park Avenue Duplex

When longtime clients purchased the penthouse above their existing Upper East Side apartment, they wanted to connect the two spaces without greatly altering their existing apartment. The new penthouse, a man of small rooms with a narrow, nearly unusable terrace, needed to be completely re-envisioned.

A small solarium was transformed into a reading area and office, framed by antique painted columns—the perfect juxtaposition of the classical feel of the original apartment and more contemporary aesthetic of the penthouse space.

We imagined the new penthouse, reached by a sculptural, winding stair, as a breath of fresh air for the classical apartment below. The entire floor was transformed into an airy, modern loft-like space by opening up the layout and creating dedicated spaces for reading, watching television, and hosting casual dinners, as well as a guest room. An eclectic mix of furnishings, paired with intentionally subtle architectural details, adds warmth and nuance to the more contemporary spaces.

Innovation often feels particularly well-suited to contemporary design and the guest room is a perfect example of this. Without room for a proper bed, we designed a show-stopping, black lacquer bookcase, that with the push of a button (and thanks to an ingenious engineering mechanism), extends to reveal a very comfortable bed.

Architect: David Hottenroth, Hottenroth + Joseph